The news is out, and since August we’ve been sifting through the changes with pass pricing and how the benefits of Crested Butte being acquired by Vail Resorts will actually translate to our guests. First and foremost, it goes without saying that the inclusion with other top resorts in the USA and beyond is an amazing benefit if you like skiing in more than one destination per season or if you make multiple trips per year to ski, and or simply if you plan to ski more than 4 days at any one resort!

The catch? You need to plan ahead to receive the benefits of pass pricing discounts otherwise you are subject to daily yielding and window pricing! What does that mean anyway? It simply means that the ‘day of’ pricing is a factor of demand. In other words, the more folks who are skiing that day, or are expected to ski that day, will pay a higher daily rate.

So how do you find the best lift ticket rates?

  • If you plan to ski less than 4 days, then order your lift tickets at least 7 days in advance. More info can be found on our ‘skier services page‘.
  • If you plan to ski at least 4 days at Crested Butte or any of the EPIC pass resorts then buy your EPIC Pass well in advance. The earliest and best pricing usually concludes in early September, then as we get closer to the ski season rates creek up until just on or before the mountains open. After which, EPIC passes are sold-out.
    • November 18, is the Deadline this year to save on EPIC Passes. Again more information on this and how to save some extra dough can be found on our Skier Services page.
  • The Crested Butte Locals are purchasing EPIC Local Passes for the most part, but if you plan to ski more often, in more resorts, go for the full monty and buy the EPIC Pass outright.
  • Most of our Guests will benefit from the EPIC 4 or 7 Day Passes as they will save you a boat-load.

In summary, there are a bunch of pass options for skiers and riders who plan a visit to Crested Butte and remember to act early to save the most!

Here’s a quick link where you can make Pass purchases to save even more in advance of your stay!

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